Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Wonder

Ow says:
my feelings got hurt
not by you though
for once

Bitch Face says:

Ow says:
"Jerk says:
yeah you play any sports? you seem like you would play basketball"
...Fuck him
fuck him
you dont say that to a girl

Bitch Face says:
no wonder it ended shitty with his only gf

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Indy Folk And Its Degrees of Separation

enn i'll bring my guitar and you can sing a song

enn we'll make it nice and folky

all the kids these days love that gay folky music

la indy folk

ennjason mraz

that hawaiian guy

jack johnson!

i couldn't remember his name

la i consider jack johnson and that guy who dated jennifer aniston to be the same person

enn john mayer?

la yes

enn did you know that he's from connecticut?

he went to fairfield high

and my friend's ex girlfriend dated his younger brother

enn so i have 3 degrees of separation

la Did you KNNOIW

enn so i have 3 degrees of separation

la I'm doing a commission sheet for a Mr. J fairfield lol

enn oh man

enn the universe found balance

la I think I felt it shake

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tatoos And The People Who Have Them

ky: I found out something strange the other day.

ky: When I use certain lotions or body washes. My tatoo like.. gets raised almost like it has a bad reaction with the ink

ky: I think.. I think,, I'm dying

r7: that's kinda cool

r7: maybe it's trying to leave your body

r7: and develop it's own life

ky: the government just read my im and is quaranteening the office

ky: Guess I'll just rip it off

r7: no, for the safety of everyone, you'll have to hold it

r7: every day will be a constant struggle to contain the tattoo

ky: If it's meant to be.. it's meant to be

r7: what is it with california girls and tattoos

ky:: fk if I know mines a cover up

r7: i guess guys get them too

r7: only greaseballs and guidos get them back east

r7: and bikers

ky:: people dont judge me as badly now as they used to. They just think I know how to have a good time

ky:: ew

ky:: and thats not true

ky:: it's a form of expression

r7: not for the greaseballs and guidos

r7: i almost got barbed wire around my arm back when i used to work out a lot like 10 years go

r7: =)

ky:: omg say no more

r7: it was very popular at the time

ky:: I said say no more

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fireworks Are Really Exciting

yr : snakes and sparklers

rc : yeah

rc : I really wanted those on the 4th Of Juuuulll eye

yr : yes

yr : snakes and sparklers

yr : why would you want to celebrate the independence of the country by blowing up a part of it?

yr : when you can have snakes and sparklers

yr : I don't believe they actually blow up parts of the country

yr is available

yr : i was getting real excited about snakes and sparklers and i kicked the power strip under my desk and shut off the computer

rc : lmao

rc : That's brilliant

rc : Next time just pour water on it. Might see the sparks better

yr : you got me all riled up

yr : with snakes and sparklers

rc : cherry bombs?

yr : i just got yogurt on my keyboard now

yr : like all up in it

rc : ew

yr : dammit

rc : as ur still typing

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stupidity Competition Win

03: they just cant admit it yet
03: they are scared
03: dont be scerd
da: You know what I just realised
da: I am stupid.... because I'm sitting here debating with an actual stupid person. So yeah I suppose in the end we are both right
da: *siiiiiigh* compromise
03: hahahahahaaaaaaaaa
da: I win
da: you lose
da: go cry in your car
03: nahuh cause you just admited U are stupid
03: i said yes to the question from the get go
03: so you LOST
03: I WON
03: whos stupid now!!
da: I'll give it to you.... Only because your stupid lil mushy dumb brain wouldnt grasp the concept
03: dont hate
03: cause you lost
03: facts are facts
da: No hate just love
da: I'll give it to u
03: and ill take it cause it was mine in the first place
03: 1-0
03:one up